We are Right Living, A Health, Wellness & Nutrition Firm. Right Living brings in various aspects of modern wellness techniques that will help your organisation to engage better with its employees in activities related to holistic health. We provide a range of options to suit the work culture & specific wellness requirements of your organisation. Right Living has been practicing in the corporate space for more than 5 years now and our client list includes Goldman Sachs, EMC2, MTR, Northern Trust. These are a few of our clients whose names we can share. Right Living will assign one dedicated nutritionist who will be available at agreed schedules.


A series of 15-30 minute sessions that counsel the corporate audience on their health, wellness and changes needed in their lifestyle to cope with the current global crisis.

  • 5 Steps to make you feel energetic and stay focussed.
  • Dietary Changes - Easy methods that will regulate your weight and fitness.
  • Immunity - A challenge no more. Your body's immune responses and external advantages.
  • Regulate your food cravings.
  • Digestive Health - An ongoing challenge. The mind-gut connect.
  • Coping with pre-existing health conditions (Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Hypothyroidism still exist. But lifestyle has changed, exercise is compromised, food specifics are not possible - How does one cope?).


  • Nutrition Counselling - Personalized counselling for employees – over phone.
  • BCA Event - BCA Analysis to understand the overall status of employee health.


  • Menu Planning - Work with the cafeteria vendors in creating menu plans, calorie calculation.
  • Hygiene and Service Area Audit - Review and report of the service areas.


  • Healthy & Balanced Diet - Focus on healthy food choices, being hydrated , importance of fruits , vegetables.
  • Cut The Carb Day - Focus on counting the carbs , replacement choices and impact of making those choices
  • Sugar Free Challenge - Focus on symptomatic analysis of insulin resistance , hidden sugar in our diets and impact of sugar on our health.
  • Shake the Salt - Focus on the Why eat less salt? , impact of processed foods.
  • Importance of Exercise - Focus on need to move and exercise , pre work out , post work out foods.


Facilitated blood tests through our trusted partners.

For the Organisation

As part of the plan, if the organisation is interested we can organise talks , health sessions for larger groups along with the one on one sessions. We are also competent in launching internal competitions to fuel an engaging and addictive spirit of health within the organisation. This will realise more uptake of customised plans by employees and more efforts by them at staying fit and focussed for daily challenges at work, resulting in consequent growth of the organisation.

We will continuously and regularly share progress being made through our programs , right from the uptake of the program to the positive changes noticed in employees . We will also track & share commitment of employees by their compliance to appointments and diets.

Every Team within a corporate space from Right Living will have a Nutritionist, Project consultant & Backend support.